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New kind of report


since I would like to compare month by month, it could be useful to have a report like the one in attach...

It's possible?

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Hello Lucio,

Yes! Please create Category Over Time report and it'll give you spending over time broken down by the period you want - i.e. how much do you spend for petrol every month.

Hi Pawel,

thank you, but unfortunately this report doesn't solve my issue.

In the report "Category By Time" you have the monthly breakdown with the total amount spent for all the categories you have chosen.

I would like to have a report with one row for each category and one column for each period.

So you'll have in only one view all the information you need to better understand where your money is going and where you can have savings

Hi Pawal is right you can get this information by choosing a specific category whilst using the Expense over time report. Yes it can be a little frustrating to go into the editing tool to pull up a report for a different category. Good news it doesn't take much to switch categories, if you have a saved template of period or breakdown.
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Ah, I understand now! I'm afraid that you can't de-couple the categories like that other than generating one report for each category.

This sort of report would be really useful and I'm very surprised and disappointed that you haven't yet done it.  It was always available in Microsoft Money and any half decent accounts package would include it.

Currently all your reports only have one column, what is needed is the ability to have multiple columns.  Ideally we should be able to choose whether its by month, by quarter or by year and then select the period start and end date.

This could be used for a number of reports such as Profit and Loss, Compare Expense / Income Categories, Compare Expense / Income Payees, Net Worth by account.

At the moment I have to export each period I want into Excel and then manually combine them - its a complete pain!!  The above change would be a significant improvement.

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Julia is absolutely right. Moneywiz badly needs a report just like Lucio suggested at the beginning of this thread. MS Money had this facility, and it is totally unrealistic to pull off individual reports for each category like Dianne suggested. I have a lot of 'raw data' which I've accumulated by using Moneywiz for some time. I need to turn that into 'management information ' to inform my financial planning. I need to see, month by month, comparative spending (and income) in each category, and ideally subcategory.
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