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Forum webpage, tagging or filter platforms being used.

Wow hasn't MW grown! How many platforms can you run MW on now? Which brings me to my suggestion. Can you add a filter or tags to the discussions website pages to indicate the platform people are using. Though trail and error I have discovered that not all the applications have the same featurres, which is quite disheartening, especially after multi emails to discover my app didn't have this feature to start with. Or you could provide a list of the missing features of each platform. Cheers

Hello Dianne,

Indeed, lots of MoneyWiz everywhere now! MoneyWiz is currently available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Macs and Windows. We do not have immediate plans to expand any more - instead focus on refining the existing platforms.

Thank you for the suggestion regrading tags! I'll see if something like this is possible. You can check which features are available on which platform here:

Also, here for an overview of Desktop-only features: and

Hi Patel Almost a year has passed and I've switched from an Apple Tablet to an Android Tablet. And I found out MW doesn't make a Android Tablet version - it's a little disappointing. Is it in the radar?

Yes, we are aware of this limitation. We will introduce this at some point but currently we're focused on Investment accounts in the 2.6 version. I can't yet say when this would be coming.


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