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How to cancel a subscription

 Unfortunately I got a bit confused working with both the IOS and Windows versions. I initially purchased both the IOS and Windows versions and then I switched to the subscription version on IOS. At first I subscribed for both online and manual transactions but later switched off automatic renewal as I have decided to stay with the purchased version only for now. I removed the subscription version from my IOS device and reinstalled the paid version which I then reconnected to Syncbits to sync with my windows PC. I then disconnected all of the online accounts and deleted all transactions. I also used itunes to cancel automatic renewal at the end of the free trial but when I look at subscriptions on Moneywiz for IOS it tells me that I still have a subscription from the free version which I should cancel. How do I ensure that the subscription is cancelled?

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If you don't see the subscription as active on in iTunes Apple ID section then the subscription will not renew. MoneyWiz is simply telling you that you can still use the remainder of your subscription. When that expires, MoneyWiz will check for a new subscription information but since your subscription will not renew, MoneyWiz will deactivate the subscription too.

Thanks Pawel. The problem was that it wasn't very clear on the iTunes account site but I suspected that what you are saying is the case.



I thought I subscribed to one month of MoneyWiz and it is still coming out of my account, twice a month. I went to MoneyWiz's Settings -> Subscriptions -> tap Cancel to stop it, but takes me to iTunes and shows me a list of my subscriptions, but MoneyWiz is not one of them, yet it keeps coming out. How do I get this to stop?

Hi Zack,

Once a subscription for MoneyWiz is renewed you should receive a confirmation for your renewal/purchase on your e-mail address. Could you please forward us all the latest receipts you can find that came from MoneyWiz to so we could check where they are coming from. Maybe you have also purchased a subscription from our website. That's what we would like to find out as well.


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