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Online banking not syncing all accounts


I have just signed for online banking syncing and it appears to not be working perfectly.

I have two main accounts from the same bank (Banco do Brasil).

1) For one of my main accounts, only one Saving Accounts is synced, but there is two. in fact, both are the same type, but the have different "variation". The "variation" number is used to identify the modality of this type of saving account called "Poupança".

2) For my other account, my  saving accounts (investments) are not synced. Also, my retirement savings (sort of a investment) is not synced.

My credits cards are appearing, but only two of them appear as a credit account. The other two appear as Current account.

3) My bank lists the future payments that are automatically debited from my account or those that a schedule for pay in the future, for example, phone bill. Would be nice that this future payments to be synced as not payed and in the due date be marked as payed;

Hello Augusto,

I'm sincerely sorry for the great delay in our reply. If the issues persist, please contact us at with the debugging information as outlined here:

Hello Pawel!

I just sent the e-mail with some updates and clarification about the issues.

Thank you!

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