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Export of split transactions doesn't work

When exporting a csv file, the export file does not segregate the categories in split transactions. For example:

Description Payee Category Date Amount
Rent, Water, Gas
Bills > Gas, Housing > Rent, Bills > Water 07/05/2016 -2,300

Having in one line all the categories makes unusable the exporting for the analysis.

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Is this fixed? In which version?

No reply?

I'm afraid this has not been implemented just yet.

Hello there,

Apologies for the delay, we are currently experiencing a higher load of support requests.

Indeed, the CSV export does not currently export detailed information about the split transactions. I've noted your feature request on that and we'll see if it's something that we can change in a future update.

This has been marked as solved for quite a long time but still doesn't work on 2.5

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