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Budget transfers

Hi I tried searching for this issue, please point me in the right direction if this has been addressed. My issue is as follows: There are times when I'd like transfer part of a budget to another, which seems to work fine except for when viewing reports. For example in the provided screenshots, you will see that I transferred all of my 'Emergency Fund' category to my 'Vacation' category, however when I view my budget report, it shows that I still spent the full amount for 'Emergency Fund'. I don't believe that transfers should be calculated as spending. Am I using this function correctly?
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In terms of terminology indeed a budget transfer is not an expense but in reports it must display that your funds were withdrawn. Otherwise the budget would display 0.00 balance but there would be no record of that happening in the reports.

You are using the function correctly - it's just a design decision we've made to display the budget transfer in reports this way. Your funds were taken away from that budget after all.

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