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Auto-clear transactions for online banking- how does it work?

My understanding is that if you set the 'auto-clear transactions' flag to off in the account definition, any new transactions downloaded should be set to 'Pending' ('red ribbon'), right?

If so, it doesn't work, all new downloaded transactions are set to 'Cleared' (green ribbon).

Am I doing something wrong?


This only concerns transactions you enter manually. Any sort of import (manual, from banking statements, or automatic, from Online Banking) will clear all transactions automatically.

If you want to see transactions that have downloaded from Online Banking most recently to review them, we have different feature planned for one of the future updates.

Hi Pawel,

That is one of my concerns, because my bank work this way: if I spend something during a non-business day, that transaction becomes almost immediately ready for download by MW, and MW indeed download it. But in the next week, usually on Wednesdays, the bank makes that transaction appear in this week (it doesn't appear in the last week anymore), but in the description it puts the date that the transaction was done. So, what happens is that I get that same transaction downloaded again by MW, but with the date of wednesday. If I could set all downloaded transactions to be red ribbon, I could easily identify the duplicates.

Is this future update about to happen soon?


Hi Rafael,

The duplicate is not recognized because it can be more than 3 days difference in your example. This considered to be the new transaction by MoneyWiz.

But I think the upcoming change by viewing recently downloaded transactions will be helpful.

Hi Marina,

I understand and agree with your explanation. Anyway, my point is making MW able to "mark" somehow a new downloaded transaction, so I can easily identifiy it in case it is a duplicate. Maybe this new feature can help on this (will it change the color of the transaction or make something really observable rather than just a "*" or something else discrete?).


It may be changed with color so that you don't miss it. But the accurate change is not yet implemented. Please follow our upgrades.

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