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Credit Card Forecasting

I currently budget for my monthly credit card payment manually since I keep cash in investment accounts and only transfer monthly to cover expenses. To do this I run the cashflow report and look at the projected balance as at the roll-over date of my credit card. I then maintain my scheduled transfer by updating its amount manually. This is a little complex since my monthly roll-over date can vary slightly and my due date for payment is some time later and also varies. One feature which would be invaluable is to be able to create a scheduled transaction which dynamically updates the amount to be paid through a combination of actual and scheduled transactions. This schedule would need to have provision for two dates. That is the scheduled roll-over date as well as the scheduled due date for payment. This would have the benefit of making my cashflow far more accurate and allow me to predict how much cash I will need to transfer each month.

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Yes, I'd like something along these lines if possible, please.

I pay off my credit card in full each month. I've set up a scheduled monthly payment for an amount that is very roughly what my credit card usually is, then change it to the correct amount when the credit card statement comes in

 It would help me to budget if the amount on the scheduled payment updated dynamically to reflect the balance on my credit card.

Hello there,

Apologies for our delayed reply. Thank you for submitting this feature request! We'll keep it open to see how many votes it receives but I've also already submitted it to our team for further discussion and consideration.

Thanks Pawel. I failed to mention that whenever I receive a statement it tells me the date on which the next statement period will end and so if you had such a feature it would be good if you could change the actual date of the next statement to reflect it. It's still not perfect because sometimes transactions which occur around that date do not show up until after the statement has been issued but it would be fairly close. The reality is that you would need to be able to override the amount due once it is known and lock any further dynamic updates out. Once this is done you would also need to update the estimated value of the following transaction to include amounts which were not included in the current statement. I hope that makes some sense.


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