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Better icons

Hi there,

choosing icons in MoneyWiz is so difficult - some of them seem entirely random and the experience of browsing them can be headache-inducing. Also, key icons are missing, eg. Credit Card. The icons themselves are spindly and sometimes hard to understand, for example:

What is this? 

Could you use a more familiar icon set, say a trimmed-down Font Awesome. These icons are now in such common usage that they are easy to recognise and easy to browse. FontAwesome is free for commercial use and has hundreds of very distinctive and clear icons available.

Improving the icon browsing area - perhaps with a larger overlay when you have your cursor over an icon or text filters for quick selection, or even offering commonly used icons for particular categories would be helpful.

Font Awesome link

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Hello Robin,

Apologies for late reply.

That is a sombrero with a moustache :-)

We will be working on the icons in future releases of MoneyWiz but we can announce anything just yet. We are hearing from customers about current icon set and we do take your feedback into account. However, it's not a quick and easy fix due to copyright and backwards-compatibility reasons.

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It would be nice to have basic financial icons like a checkbook and credit card.

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I have been actively using MoneyWiz for over a year now and I still experience difficulties when choosing icons. It would be awesome if you could design an icon set with more appropriate icons for this beautiful app?

Another serious problem is that they are positioned randomly, so even when I know what particular icon I need, it is still difficult to locate it. But there already is a thread for that (

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Guys, you could just borrow Icons8 icons ( You don't need to pay anything for the PNG version (and in my opinion, they will fit just fine for Mac, iPhone and iPad resolutions). You just need to credit them. They have a consistent icon library.


You guys have, like, 3 different icons for a bike, each one put in different place. It's terrible to find, besides it is not consistent with iOS design (nor Android or Windows).

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Ohh.. please please PLEASE do something about the icons!! I have been using the Moneywiz app for like 2 years now and given the improvements and all tge awesome features I don't think I will move to any other app anytime soon. Bit the category icons are a completely world by themselves. I want to bang my head on a wall everytime I have to pick one. The basic stuff like credit card is missing. And there are apparently too many useless ones presented in random order. Also the single color tone is from the 90s. I am sure there are plenty of freely available, copyright free icons that can be cropped to the current icon size to minimizer compatibility issues. Please do something about it. I love the app otherwise!! Also adding a new category while adding a transaction!! I will stop now.. lol
Hello everyone,

Thank you for the feedback on the icons! We'll definitely be taking those into account for future MoneyWiz versions but I'm not sure if we can do about them before MoneyWiz 3 version.

I'll bring this topic up for discussion internally but at the moment we cannot promise anything specific. We do read your comments though!


I fully concur with the messages above: icons are hard to find, dull and not representative enough of what categories may be. I really hope MW3 will something about this, with a more colorful and diverse set of icons, along with a revisited colorful UI. This will cost you next to nothing and being a huge improvement for the app!
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