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Viewing transfer details

When I look at some account I see a list of short transaction descriptions (both using iPhone and iPad). If a transaction is a spending, I can see a little bit more details simply by tapping on it — the description is shown. However, if I tap on a transfer transaction, no more details appear even though the correspondent UI element gets expanded. Additional expanded space is just empty.

I suggest the following behavior: MoneyWiz should show the account to/from which the transfer was made when tapping on a transfer item. The description is already shown as item name, the date is also shown and the remaining important element is the source/destination account. This change does not demand any layout change, you should just fill in already expanded empty space with useful information.

The feature is needed, because I often need to check where/from the money was transferred, and now the only was to do so is via Options->Edit. This is inconvenient.

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Thank you for your feature request and apologies for late reply. I've noted it down and we'll definitely look into it!

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