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Background online update on iPhone

Hi. It seems that MW does not continue the online bank update if the app is running in the background. Is that true? Because the online update takes too long to process and I would like to keep doing other stuffs in my cellphone while the update is ongoing, but when I come back to the app through multitasking, the update is stopped and seems not to resume. Any thoughts? PS: MW does not have an option to turn off background updates in iPhone settings, so I guess it does not have this option by default. Thanks.

Hello Rafarel,

At the moment, we recommend that you keep MoneyWiz in the foreground when syncing with Online Banking so that the OS doesn't kill the process. We will be working on background sync for both Online Banking and SYNCbits for MoneyWiz 3:

Hi Pawel. Thank you for clafirying that!

I wouldn't mind having to keep MW in the foreground if the online banking update process doesn't take around 5 minutes(!) to process. Would you know why the update process takes so long? Is there any chance of improvement in this area for any future update? Or is it just me?

Thank you.


I'm afraid that for some banks, where the websites are rather slow, the process can take some time. I'm really sorry that on your end it takes so much - I think the average is 1-2 minutes but we are indeed seeing longer times for particular banks.

Some banks are supported by two providers (we have integrated with Yodlee and Salt Edge) - if your bank is also supported by the other provider (search the banks list for your bank then look under the bank name to check the provider) you could give a shot the other bank.

We are continuously working on improving the sync times - and I know that Salt Edge and Yodlee do too. But the current web scrapping technology, given bank security policies on connections, allows only so much so we can't promise a 70% cut in sync times in one update. I can assure you that it is on our radar at all times and we do little fixes that over time do contribute to faster sync overall.

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