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Scheduled Transactions not functioning correctly when edited.

 I have a scheduled expense transaction against one of my accounts which was set for every 12 weeks. This is a transaction whose frequency can vary quite a bit. Having seen a debit on my account using my bank's online software, I attempted to change the transaction to every 8 weeks and I changed the date of the next instance to a date 2 days before the current dateto match the transaction I saw on my bank account. When I saved the new schedule it did not show as an overdue transaction on the list and showed the date of the following instance instead. When I open it again to edit it still shows the date I had set. This is strange and confusing behavior. I believe it is a bug and needs fixing.

P.S. This relates to Moneywiz 2 for Windows on Windows 10.



The way that Scheduled transactions work in MoneyWiz at the moment is that we do not store the dates that they were executed on but the number of times they were executed. So a transaction that was set up to occur on 1 January 2016 and repeat every month, would now be executed 6 times:

1 January 2016 + executed 6 times = 1 July 2016

If you look at the transaction thumbnail in Scheduled transactions section, it will show 1 July 2016, as this is the next time it will be due.

If you go to edit the transaction, it will display 1 January 2016 as that was the original date of the Scheduled transaction.

What's also important to remember that if you go to edit the Scheduled transaction and change the date there from 1 January 2016 to, for example, 5 February 2016, MoneyWiz will still remember that this transaction was executed 6 times so far:

5 February 2016 + executed 6 times = 5 August 2016

Again, if you look at the transaction thumbnail in Scheduled transactions section, it will show 5 August 2016, as this is the next time it will be due.

The general rule of thumb is:

1. When you look at the transaction thumbnail in the Scheduled section, you will always see the next date when transaction is due.

2. When you look at the date when editing a Scheduled transaction, it will always see the first date of Scheduled transaction.

3. If you want to change the day of the month of the Scheduled transaction, do not change the month or the year. Just change the day of the month and leave the month and year as it was.

I hope it makes sense. We will be making it more intuitive in future versions of MoneyWiz.

Thanks Pawel. I do find that a bit confusing but I guess I can work with that now that I understand how it works. I think it possibly needs to be a bit more intuitive as you say and look forward to future enhancements. I think that the due date and the number of executions probably need to be kept as separate pieces of data to make it a bit clearer.



We do plan to work on improving Scheduled transactions' intuitiveness when re-scheduling them.

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