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Ability to assign multiple online bank account

It would be great to have an ability to assign several online bank account to one in application.

For several reasons:

1. My bank (Tinkoff) now shows separate debit cards for one account. And I cannot gather transactions from these two different cards into one account.

2. I have multiple saving accounts (3 month / 6 month / etc) in my bank but I prefer to keep only one saving account for each currency in MoneyWiz.

Dear Vitaly,

If I understand you correctly, it is already possible to add more than one bank account from the same bank account into the application. When connecting to the same bank account again notice that there should be a New Account button at the bottom which would allow you to add another account to your database.

I mean one account in MoneyWiz should gather transactions from multiple bank accounts.

For example I have 3 RUB deposits in my bank: RUB 3 month, RUB 6 months, RUB 9 month and I would like to have only one account in MoneyWiz for all three of them.

There might be a lot of short-time deposits and to create separate account for all of them in MoneyWiz might be a hassle. And you also will need to get rid of them somehow when they will get closed.


Ah, I see! Thank you, I've noted this feature request.

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