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Merge manually entered transactions with downloaded transactions

There is usually a lag between a banking transaction and it appearing in my account register. It may only be a day or two but if I buy something in a store with a debit card that money is effectively gone from my account but may not appear in my online bank account immediately. For credit card transactions it's the same thing although the money may not have gone it is taken off my available credit. Sometimes the time between the transaction and it appearing on my online statement can be three days. If I write and post a cheque it can be much longer as I am dependent on the recipient processing the cheque but the money is still committed and effectively gone. I'd like to see a feature whereby I can manually enter a transaction that MoneyWiz recognises as being the same as a downloaded transaction and merges (or offers me the option to merge). That way my accounts are always up to date and reflect how much money or credit I actually gave access to. This is subtly different to the ongoing discussion elsewhere in the forum about merging scheduled transactions with online downloads.

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Dear Pete,

Thank you for your feature request! Yes, I see how it's different to the discussion to the Scheduled transactions but the mechanism MoneyWiz applies is the same: if you first enter a manual transaction with certain date and amount and MoneyWiz then tries to import a transaction with the date within 3 days with the same amount, it'll be recognised as a duplicate and discard the duplicate (after updating your transaction with new information taken from the bank).

It won't work the other way around, however, and there's no way to modify this 3 days window. I've noted your request and we'll discuss this internally.


I agree, there a a few features I wish this had that is why i continue to go back and forth to Graham Hayley's Account Tracker, the only thing that Account Tracker lacks is reliable sync, but I just downloaded an update from my us bank credit card, the transaction was scheduled as a transfer from my checking account with the exact amount and date, however the download left the scheduled transaction pending (uncleared) and the downloaded transaction in place without the merge function i had to delete the scheduled transaction in the credit card account and because it was linked to my checking account also deleted that now my balance is off in my checking account. The ability to manually merge unmatched transactions is a must. 

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