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Editing Split Transactions

When editing a Split transaction, or entering a scheduled Split transaction if the total amount is changed the new total is equally divided between the splits.

Would it be possible for the splits to retain there originally entered amounts and only change the splits that have altered?

For example, a regular transaction for "Telephone / Internet / TV", split between:-  "Line rental", "Internet", "TV" and "Calls".  The first three remain the same each month, but the transaction total will change each month with the cost of "Calls". So it would be nice to be able to edit the total without changing "Line rental", "Internet"and "TV" and just change the amount in "Calls".


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 Hi guys,
I too have experienced this problem and I think the solution is that the splits that have been blocked are not altered.
if you want to change the amount then unlock again.

Sorry for my eng and thanks

Hello there,

Thank you for your feature request! Indeed, I can see how this might come in handy in some cases.


I have the same problem

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