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App applying scheduled transactions before syncing

I discovered this app about 2 months ago and love it. I use it most days to track my spends and transfers between about a dozen accounts. I also have a lot of devices, so use Syncbits to keep everything in sync. I use my iPhone, iPad and Mac clients most frequently and then my Android and MacBook clients least frequently. I opened up the Android client yesterday while on a train to add a few more transactions from Internet banking on my iPhone and disaster struck. It appears that I hadn't opened the Android app for some time and there were 50+ pending scheduled transactions. Some of them I'd changed previously on other devices, but hadn't yet synced to the Android. It seems there was then a race condition between applying the scheduled transactions and syncing with Syncbits. Unfortunately the former won and I was left with a dozen accounts in a very sorry state. It took me hours to go back through and fix every transaction. Could you amend the app so that if it is linked to Syncbits then it competes the sync before applying scheduled transactions? I'm a bit reluctant to now open the app on my MacBook in case it happens again. Can you offer any reassurance that it won't because the Mac app does have this feature built in?
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Dear Dean,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing! Actually, MoneyWiz does have a feature built-in on all platforms to check with the sync server before processing Scheduled transactions. In your case it's difficult to say as I don't know how your setup looks like and what was up with the Android device, especially since it was on a train where Internet connection might have been spotty. However, for future reference if something like this happens, please just stop using MoneyWiz, do not launch it on other devices (they all have local data we can use as backup) and just contact us. We can help.

What you can do is to keep MoneyWiz quit on one of the devices where the data is all OK and good then launch MoneyWiz for Mac. I'm sure it'll sync just fine but in case something happens, please contact us at so we can re-use the backup from the device which is closed (don't launch it if Mac doesn't sync OK).
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