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Unable to see balance adjust details


When I build some expenses report (for example, expenses by category over time), I cannot see details about balance adjustment transactions. I want to see on what account this adjustment happened. Tapping on it does not give any additional info. And when I try to Options->Edit it, I see a message box saying that balance adjustments cannot be edited but only deleted (I usually use this trick to see transaction details -- I try to "edit it").

I think this is a bug. Users must have some way to see balance adjustment details.

I suggest showing the account on tapping by this transaction. After tapping it now gets expanded with empty space, so there is enough space to put this additional info (the account).

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Hello Timur,

I've moved this topic to Feature Requests forum as this is not a bug.

However, we do have this improvement planned for one of the future updates of MoneyWiz (probably the one after 2.5).
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