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Activation (License) Key

I just bought MoneyWiz via their website. I downloaded the app to my Mac. I receive an email with my Activation Key. They app doesn't ask for an Activation Key, but It won't allow me to sign up or sign in. I went to the Preferences tab and tried to Restore My Purchase. It didn't work. Any suggestions?

Dear Bruce,

Can you please tell me what exactly happens when you go to Preferences tab -> Subscriptions -> Restore purchases? Do you see an error message immediately or only after you paste your code and try to activate? What error message is it?

Or maybe you are asked for your Apple ID information while you were expecting to be asked for a code?


Same problem here. How can I restore my subscription from Mac App if I bought the Licence from site?

The option "Restaure Subscription" it's only from App Store.


I found the solution! I deleted the MoneyWiz that I downloaded from Apple App Store and re-downloaded from MoneyWiz website. Now, the app ask me about the Activation Key!


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Hi Bruce,

Most likely your case it the exact same as Bruno described. It seems like you have a version downloaded from AppStore, whereas you need to be using a version downloaded from our website.

So please make sure you are using this version (and delete the one, which was downloaded from AppStore):


I get the same issue with the Windows version. Now I cannot access it. 

I am locked out of my stuff. This is really crap service

Hi Kreshnik,

Judging by the screenshot you provided, MoneyWiz does ask you for an activation key. What happens when you enter it and press "Activate"?

I don't have the key. I bought this in April and have the receipt which I have sent to you. This has been working fine until I stopped using it for 2-3 while been on holiday. Tried to open it and now i get this. What do I do?


If you no longer have your access key just e-mail us and we'll find it and send it to you. You can email us at

Hi,  I have the same issue with my microsoft app, how I can solve this issue?



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@Cesar, since this threat also discusses MoneyWiz for Mac, can you tell me what issue you are experiencing exactly?


Same issue here on windows desktop??? activated my mobile app but no license key for windows version??? This is ridiculous and have sent an email through support earlier today already and still no response

Hi Jayson,

I will reply to your ticket right away, let's keep communication in 1 place (i.e. in the ticket).

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