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Payee Alternate Names

 I'm not sure if this has been raised before but I would like to make a suggestion in regard to the handling of Payees.

One issue which confronts me from time to time is the fact that some payees have both a trading and operating or corporate name and these can be quite different. What this means is that often I will enter a transaction under the trading name but when the transaction comes through from the bank it will be different. Sometimes both of the names will be shown on a receipt while on occasions the receipt will show only the trading name. Where this becomes a bit of a nuisance is when I want to add a new transaction from a receipt with only the trading name and I forget that the payee has already been set up with a corporate name. My suggestion is that Moneywiz could have an "Alternate Names" area similar to what Microsoft did with MS Money. Functionally, it would be very convenient if when creating a new transaction, when I start to type the payee name it would search all payee primary and alternate names to find the name. Obviously it would work best if primary names were shown at the top of the list followed by all matching alternate names.

I hope my request is clear but if not, I could try to explain it better.



Your suggestion is clear :) I'm happy to tell you that we have something like this in mind, maybe even for a near future. We'll see when can we bring it to life!


Thanks Pawel. That's great news!


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