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Scheduled transactions execution on next business day

Among the other suggestions for the improvement to the Scheduled Transactions feature, I would like to add this one, which is in my opinion critical :

Rationale: a scheduled transaction sets one specific day of the month to execute a payment. However most banks do not execute standing orders on weekends. When these scheduled transfers fall on a weekend day or holiday, the payment is deferred to the  next business day. Many times, my salaries have been credited on weekends in the MoneyWiz list of transactions while actually they arrive in my bank account on the following Monday...This creates some confusion in the accounting and makes more difficult the consolidation of expenses. 

Suggestion: In the scheduled transaction setup screen, give the option to check a box for "execute on next business day". It may be complicated to consider special holidays for the implementation of the feature but only if weekends are taken into account, it would be a big plus for the feature and the app.

Please, if you are affected by this shortcoming, vote up this feature request. Hopefully the developers will notice it and implement it in the next update.


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Hello Rafael,

Thank you for opening this up for discussion! What I can say already though is that we do have it on our to-do list for one of the future updates.


Thank you Pawel, glad to hear you are considering it. If it is on your to-do list, wouldn't it then be more logical tagging this topic as "planned" or "in progress" rather than "Deferred"? 


While it is on our to-do list, it is not coming very soon (highly unlikely to be introduced in MoneyWiz 2, more likely in MoneyWiz 3 coming in 2017) therefore we put Deferred for now.


By saying that "it's on our to-do list" I mean that it is on the list of features we agree are needed and we will do them. However, we can't yet commit to any specific version or time frame. Sorry!

Other statuses are put on features that are coming in a specific time frame.

Good day. I would like to add to the author of a subject. There are daily payments, which can only be carried out on weekdays. For example, lunch at work. I work from Monday to Friday, and if I put the periodicity of payments each day, it turns out that I have dinner and on weekends. It would be great if it was possible not only to add a function to transfer the payment on the next business day, but also to carry out part of the planned payment only on weekdays or only on weekends. PS. Sorry for my English, I write through Google, for that very few would be able to write.

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