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Transactions not in Budgets

The Help pages say that the budgets are smart enough to pick up transactions. I have been entering transactions from the accounts page, none of which are showing in the appropriate budget. But when I enter a transaction via the budget page, it shows up on the list of transactions on the accounts pages. Any ideas? Indefinitely using the right categories, and my budgets were set up to start in Nov 2015!! Thanks for any advice 

Dear Hazel,

Budgets are just like containers for transactions. A transaction entered in the budget register will also appear in the account register. A transaction entered in the account register will also appear in respective budget register - provided that it meets the criteria of the budget. This is why you don't need to enter transactions twice (once in the account register and once in the budget register).

As to your problem - it seems that the transactions you enter from outside the budget registers do not meet the budget criteria. If you are sure about the category (the category you use for transaction needs to be monitored by the budget), please also check the account (is that account monitored by the budget?) and the period (are you entering transactions with a past or future date?).

I have the same problem. I confirm the accounts are monitored by the budget and also the period is correct. Randomly the budget don't show the transactions entered in the account page. But, if in the budget I choose the option Update (without changing anything) e only confirm clicking on the top right, magically the transaction appear in the budget !! See attachments (before and after the "fake" update option).

(113 KB)
(90 KB)
Hi, I have the same problem. I have set Budget to monitor some spend categories. In the Budget page, it shows some of the Budget are used, and how much remained in this budget, but it does not show any transactions.
I found out the problem, I set a Budget on 1st April to monitor spending on clothing from 1st Jan, repeat every month. But transactions dated before 1st April will not show in the Budget. If I change the transaction date to 2nd April which is after the date I set the Budget, it will show in the Budget page. But the problem is, I set the Budget to monitor spending from 1st Jan. shoudn't it automatically draw all the transactions in the selected category from 1st Jan?
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