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Crashing MW2 on Sierra

Attached the error!

Do you have some news about?



Dear Matteo,

Can you please click on Show Details button, save the contents in TextEdit file and send it to us at

We'll be able to investigate it faster this way.


I too have been experiencing crashing on Sierra. I was running fine and then started crashing the last few days. 

Dear Pawel,

Unfortunately I can not click any button!

@Matteo, Cydni: when does this error show? Does it show when you're switching between MoneyWiz and some other window perhaps?

The error appears just sync starts !


Would it be possible that you e-mail us at with a video of this happening?

Of course, I sent you the video!

Thanks, (37 mb!)


Thank you! We'll need to investigate each case individually. If the issue persists for any other customer after upgrading to recently released 2.5 version, please contact us at