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Upcoming Tags

Am kind of excited for the tags feature that should arrive this week or the next. Just wondering do any of you have in mind what kind of tags you will be adding? And will you be adding it to previous transactions or only the new ones? I think I will try my best to add it to all previous transactions starting with trips so I can compare my spending totals for each trip taken. Also most probably I will do it in the below format for easier access when creating tag reports: Country: US Country: UK City: London City: New York Trip: UK Summer '16 Trip: US Family '16 This way when I want to create a tag report to compare spendings by city, I will get all cities after each other. Am just not sure if the tag names will have any limitations in terms of tag name length and if it will accept special characters or not.

Dear Wael,

I'll chip in as I know something about the upcoming tags feature as well as I'm also excited for their arrival to use on my private data :)

There'll be just one restriction on tag naming: it can't contain the tag separator. Tags will be separated either by a semicolon (tag1; tag2), which is the default, or by comma (tag1, tag2). You'll be able to change this in Settings. If you set the separator as semicolon then you can't use it in tag names but you can use the comma. If you later change your mind that you want to use the comma as separator, you'll need to rename all your tags first to remove that character.

Any reasonable length will be allowed as a tag name. Your examples are perfectly fine.

As for my personal data - I'll add it to old transactions too. There are some "projects" I'd like to organise together. One thing I'll be cautious about is creating a lot of tags - I can already extract a lot of information from just category and payee reports so there's no need to duplicate that information by creating a tag. But that's a personal preference :)

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Is there a way to add a tag to multiple transactions?


Yes - using MoneyWiz for Windows and MoneyWiz for Mac. Just switch to Expert view (spreadsheet-like mode) and modify multiple transactions as you'd normally do.

It's not possible on mobile versions as bulk-edit is not available there.


I can't add a tag to multiple transactions, only to a single one.

What is the best way of using tags? That's the question I've been asking myself. What is the best way for me to use this new feature? Tags exist in the context of a report. How do tags relate to the other elements in the report. Will the report give me useful information? Or, how will the report give be useful information? I haven't come up with any answers to these questions. Yet!
Max: please contact us about this at

Peter: you can use to group similar transactions together. For example a trip is a good use case - you'll have different transactions in various categories but they are all related. Tags help you bring them together. A business use-case would be some project.

Tags are most useful in reports but budgets also can use them. When configuring a budget you can set it to only include transactions from with particular tags. So even though you might have 2 budgets monitoring the same category (Eating Out), you'll see different transactions there because of different tags (Personal and Business).

what would be the difference between tags and description field? As i understand I can generate customs reports taking description as a variable.

I can't see any way of generating reports by descreption. Tags can be used to generate reports.
@Sebastian: Peter is right, description cannot be used as a variable when generating reports. Only tags can be used for this purpose.
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