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Missing transactions and duplicated accounts

A few weeks back, I noticed that the balances on two of my accounts were wrong, upon closer inspection, I started to notice that transactions appeared to be missing.  In fact, whole days seemed to be missing from MW compared to my online account. 

The obvious assumption to make is that I may have deleted them, but I know I haven't.  I can see the date on which both MW and my back were the same, and over a 4 week period theres now a £500 difference.  Yes, I could go through and identify them, and even manually add them, but Id like to understand why this has happened.

If this wasnt bad enough, I recently logged in on another device and 3 duplicated bank accounts showed up.  Two of them seemed to have replaced the original account, the other showed both the original and duplicated, but had different contents.  

Ive been asked to provide the credentials for my syncbits account, but am a little cautious to do so as wouldnt this reveal my online banking usernames and passwords?  Im perhaps already in breach of my banks T&C's by giving these out to a third party to allow access!  

Would providing my syncbits info allow access to this info, or would it just show all my transactions?

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 Hello there,

First of all, please let me once again apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.

We are working in accordance to our privacy policy which prohibits us from misusing sensitive data we sometimes have access to when investigating various issues. That being said, just granting us access to your SYNCbits account does not reveal your banking username and password (or any other credential) to us - these are not stored in MoneyWiz for security. We'd just see your transactions - the same you see when you sign in to MoneyWiz.

While I understand that this is inconvenient and uncomfortable, sometimes this is the easiest and fastest way of resolving issues as we can perform many debugging actions without you performing any of the work.

Please note that if you've already contacted us about this in a private support e-mail thread, I'd strongly advise you continue your discussion with the person who you were in contact with. That thread would already contain background of the issue and more context and two support agents working on the same issue in two different places is actually resulting in slower case resolution. Therefore please allow me to close this topic while providing some general information on the issues you reported (each particular case needs to be investigated individually).

  • Missing transactions might indicate temporary problem with the bank feed. Or the duplicate detection algorithm malfunctioning - we've been applying fixes in the recent 2.5 update to that.
  • Duplicated transactions are often a result of users executing Scheduled transactions as well as syncing with Online Banking. Or it might be an issue with the bank feed.
  • Duplicated accounts might indicate issues with sync service (not Online Banking but SYNCbits) - for this we need to have temporary access to your SYNCbits account.