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SyncBits is down?

SyncBits is not working - shows connection error :(

Any timeline when it will be available?

4 people have this problem

Same problem (connection error). Right after upgrade to 2.5

Same problem here, too, without an upgrade.

Same crash
Connection error is gone. But after loggin in I got repeating sync process without any result (receiving no data)

Still having connection/sync problems with Syncbits.

My devices are syncing but all four have different balances!

I guess their server is being slammed with the latest update requiring all data to be uploaded once again. I also have this problem. I guess it'll become better with time after the first surge. Fingers crossed.

24 hours later and nothing of mine is syncing even after re-installing on all devices and logging out and in to SYNCbits several times.

You could try this but it probably wouldn't help if it is a server issue. I personally filed a support ticket because of this. Still not fixed after following their instruction, which leads me to believe that it wasn't an issue with my data being corrupt, rather their servers aren't able to handle the load now and are timing out.

Forced sync didn't help. Numbers still off and some of my accounts didn't even get close to syncing even though the sync times on all devices match up. Man this is a nightmare. I'm ready to go back to ClearCheckBook.

Hello everyone,

Servers are okay now. Please take a read about the background of the issue here: it also includes information on what to do to get this fixed.

If those instructions do not help, please contact us at - we'll need to investigate each case individually. We're currently under higher load of support requests so we might not reply immediately but rest assured that we do what we can do reply to everyone as quickly as we can.

Sync delays do not mean that data is lost - it's just temporarily not synced to server but your data is safe, stored locally on your devices.
My data was just deleted after a failed sync so what should I do?

You know, we keep hearing that the servers are OK now and everything is fine. Meanwhile, syncing still doesn't work.

Yes. I luckily had a backup of my data from yesterday so was able to restore that. Switched on airplane mode. De-synced and set up a new account but still won't pass the initial sync. Not going to enter any new data until I can sync. Scary to lose such a large amount of important data. Hope servers work soon. Sick of the piling up reciepts.
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