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Not a Great Start. Authentication Makes No Sense.

Trying to add my first account. Here is what it asks me to do:

Mobile XXX-XXX-0300

To continue fill the field below.

Input row number of phone (ex. 1)

Input row number? Huh?
Tried filling in the rest of my phone number...with spaces, without spaces, with dashes, without dashes, with the whole number, with just the partial number (not the 0300).
What the heck?
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Dear Jeff,

Thank you for writing to us.

What bank is this? Please re-type the bank name exactly as it's written on the banks list and we'll look into this. Also, does it say Yodlee or Salt Edge below the bank name?

The forms for authentication are sent to us by our partners in Online Banking - we just display them.
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