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Unexpected budget rollover


In October I performed financial analysis and planning and created MoneyWiz budgets for the next year, all starting with 1st November. Several budgets were monthly with rollovers. I was very surprised to see that on 1st November the balanced displayed for these budgets doubled!

For example, in October I created a monthly rollover budget A of $100 with a start date of November 1, 2016. Nothing happened during October and this budget displayed $100 as its amount on the budgets list. However, in November it suddenly started to show $200 in the budgets list. I checked the budget settings -- it was still a $100 budget. I guess it somewhy had a rollover from October (+$100), but this was not supposed to happen, since the start date is in November!

>>> As for the general problem - we believe we've found the reason and it should not happen from the next update.

Thank you, that's exactly what I wanted to know. It was not evident from your previous answer.


We do not track issue development status here. You've been able to work around your issue so I've marked the issue as solved.

As for the general problem - we believe we've found the reason and it should not happen from the next update.


I see that the problem has been marked as solved. Was the bug found and fixed? The workaround I used in one particular case does not seem to be a general solution.

Pawel, unfortunately I cannot :(

I already found a workaround and implemented it for all the affected budgets. I should have thought of leaving at least one for tests, but I did not :(

The workaround was the following.

1. Go to budget edit.

2. Disable rollover.

3. Save changes.

4. Go to budget edit again.

5. Enable rollover.

6. Save changes.

This fixed the problem for me.

During the procedure I double checked budget start dates -- they were all November 1, so I still think that this was a bug.

Hello Timur,

Can you please generate Budget Balance report for one of those budgets for All Time period and check if you can see the bars for both October and November? Or just November?

Do the amounts below the charts, in the report table, make sense?


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