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Moneywizz has stopped working

Hi! There's a few days that Money Wizz 2 is not oppening on my Android mobile! When I try it, a message appears like:" Money Wizz has stopped working". I don't know what to do. My husband's Money Wizz is working well on his Android!

Hello again,

Glad to hear it's working okay now :) Perhaps it was an issue with application update or sync update. Anyways, it's great it is working again now :)


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Hi! Tnx for your response! I have Moneywiz 2. We are using different Syncbits account. Before reporting the problem I have turned off e turned on the internet and after I have done the same with mobile. It hadn't worked. Today I could finally open my app Moneywiz. I don't know exactly what happened but it's now working. Are there any possibility to have being a bug while updating the app?
Hello Giovana,

Are you able to launch MoneyWiz for Android if you turn off the Internet beforehand?

Do you and your husband use the same SYNCbits account?

Are you running MoneyWiz 1 or MoneyWiz 2?

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