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Moneywiz Premium doesn´t sync

Last month i subscribbed to moneywiz premium and all worked fine. but this month it does not work. it shows me on my iphone that i have premium, but on windows i have no premium. Syncbits account is the same on booth devices.

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Have tried the various Receipts Sync options (access after holding down Alt key then clicking SyncBits menu), but still no change. Still get "OnLine banking settings appear invalid" on second MAC and iPhone, and only the original MAC that I subscribed to Premium on recognises the Premium status. This is supposed to be automatic with SyncBits transferring the licence setting across all devices...

Hello Markus and Andy,

Please contact us at - we'll help you make sure that you have the correct versions of MoneyWiz installed and that subscription is recognised. This kind of issue cannot be investigated on the forums but we'd love to help.
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