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Recent update having negative effects

I am having issues since the recent updates were transactions are showing strange amounts which is effecting my budgets and reports.  I also am having issues with my scheduled transactions that I already payed keep showing up as due each time I open MoneyWiz.

In the image below the transaction is correct in the account but when I open the budget it is is showing 265,




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Dear Tiffany,

Just to confirm - is this a refund transaction? The one for Plumbing?

As for Scheduled transactions - we're aware of the issue and have applied a fix for the next update. However, the update will not fix your Scheduled transactions I'm afraid. To fix the issue please duplicate your faulty Scheduled transactions, apply the Start Date of when the transaction will be due next time then delete the faulty overdue transaction.

Our fix will make sure this will not happen again but you need to fix the existing overdue Scheduled transactions yourself by duplicating (re-creating) them.

I'm having the same problem, I use the app on a Windows computer and with the latest update a lot of my transactions are showing strange amounts. All of a sudden (according to moneywiz) I have over a million$$

I think it's only happening with incomes, not expenses.

I also have this issue with the strange numbers while creating a new split transaction income.

See the $30,961.84? As soon as I hit next, it magically transforms into $958,635,536.19 making it impossible to finish the income transaction.



Also see this transaction with $350? If I click to edit it, it's showing $122,500.00


All of this is making the app pretty much unusable in my case. Luckily for me I can still input transactions with no strange numbers on my iPad. But on the iPad it still shows I have over a million$ (looks like the apps synced those wrong balances).

Reinstalling the app on Windows solved nothing...

Today's update seems to have fixed my issue! Thanks! :)

The plumbing transaction was for a refund, yes.

Thank you for the tips, I will definitely try deleting the scheduled transactions and recreating them.

I just received the update today and was able to save the transactions with the correct amounts.  My Budget and Reports seems to be showing the amounts correctly now.

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