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Receipt sync not working

I have submit a ticket for below problem but it's not hurt to discuss here also.

I have MoneyWiz on My Mac Desktop, iPhone, both on latest version. I have activate Dropbox for receipt sync on both plateforms with same Dropbox account. But receipts sync still not working.

1. If I attach a receipt on iPhone, after sync, I will  see a sign on desktop version that this transaction have a receipt attachment, but it's blank. However, there this receipt appears on my desktop's dropbox folder.

2. If I attach a receipt on Mac desktop, after sync, I will  see a sign on iPhone version that this transaction have a receipt attachment, but it's blank. And there is no picture showing under MoneyWiz folder of my dropbox account.


What is the problem? I have strictly followed the instruction.

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Dear Jason,

I wouldn't like for your topic to be left unanswered but at the same time if we are already investigating your case through e-mail communication (and I see my colleague Marina is on the case) then I'd prefer not to interfere with the investigation process by doubling it here. We prefer e-mail for investigating more complex issues as it allows for faster communication and easier file exchange.

Sorry about the issue but I'm sure we'll be able to have it fixed soon!
I have this problem as well. The same exact problem. Please share the solution, so others can read it. That will be better for for other who have this problem in the futures. Thank you.


The issue that was impacting customers at the time (5 months ago) has now been since fixed. If you're experiencing an issue with syncing your accounts, it must be something else. Can you please contact us at so we can see what is going on.

As a general solution I can tell that you should double-check if you're still signed in to your Dropbox account on all devices as well as note that MoneyWiz currently does not display a progress bar for downloading attachments - if you connected your Dropbox account recently, please launch MoneyWiz and give it some time to process the upload/download.

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