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Family transactions sharing


How can I sync two different user accounts (iCloud) and merge them into some kind of 'family account' of MoneyWiz?

thanks in advance,


Hello Artem,

MoneyWiz does not use iCloud at all. For exactly this purpose we've created our own syncing service: SYNCbits. I see that you already have an account over at "" so all you need to do on other devices it to sign in to this SYNCbits account so all devices can display the data from this SYNCbits account.

Or do you mean that you have multiple SYNCbits account you'd like to merge?


como puedo hacer para que en el iPhone de mi esposa se muestre solamente la cuenta de efectivo y no la de credito y debito.


Esto no es posible actualmente. Conceder a alguien el acceso a su cuenta de SYNCbits les mostrará todos los datos.

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This is not currently possible. Granting someone access to your SYNCbits account will show them all of the data.


So, if I would like to share the expenses with my wife, there is no other solution that she uses my SYNCbits account?


This is by far the most comfortable solution. A workaround would be that you export certain accounts as CSV file and e-mail it to your wife so she can import it to her copy of MoneyWiz.

yes, but both accounts of SYNCbits will be differents and won't be synchronized.


Ah, yes. Currently we cannot merge two SYNCbits accounts.


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