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Receipt quality too low: impossible to read

The receipt images quality is way too low: for long receipts or A4 sheets (see attached), it is impossible to read the text due to the compression of the image.

Since the space used by the receipt are on the user's Dropbox account, it should be possible to set the quality/resolution of the synced receipts.

I attached one file as example.

Please fix this soon in order to make this feature useful.

OS: Android 6.1

device: Samsung Galaxy S7

Any idea? does anyone else experience this problem?


Hello Rafael,

Apologies for delayed reply. Can you please tell me if what you've sent is exactly how MoneyWiz saved it or did Freshdesk compress this further?

The file size I see is 61,4 kilobytes. Is this what you see in Dropbox?


Hi Pawel.

I used the camera to take the picture, with my phone's default picture resolution I guess (16 M pixels). I don't know what Freshdesk is...The file in my Dropbox is 61.4 kb indeed, but I assume for this size the quality could be much better with the right compression.

Looking forward to finding a solution


Hello Rafael,

I'm currently discussing this with our team to obtain more information on the issue.

I am also having this issue.  Has there been any new developments?



The original issue has been since fixed. If you are experiencing a similar problem, please contact us at with more information. Thank you!

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