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Fixed amortization loans

The current loans are fixed total amount loans (a.k.a. annuity loans) where the total amount payed each payment is the same, but the ratio between amortization and interest changes as the loan is gradually paid back.

I would like built-in support for fixed amortization loans, where the amortization is the same every payment (loan amount divided by number of payments), but the total amount paid gradually decreases as the interest on each payment decreases when the loan is gradually paid back.

While this is possible to achieve using a custom payment plan, I would like to have it as a standard option as it is a very common type of loan payment plan.

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Dear Konrad,

Thank you for writing to us and for your feature request! We do have it on our to-do list to completely re-design our loans support to make it more versatile and apply to a wider range of scenarios. There's no estimate on that re-design just yet though.


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