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Very slow transaction processing

Hello! After update 2.5.3 app spend about 5 seconds for processing transaction (after inputting all data and click "V" - check mark) and about 5 seconds for deleting transaction. iPhone 6s plus, ios 10.1.1

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Hello Sergei,

Thank you for reporting this to us. Just to clarify - can you please tell me if there's any speed improvement if you enable Airplane mode before launching MoneyWiz?

Hello Pawel

No valuable speed improvements after switching on airplane mode.

May be 4 seconds instead 5 seconds much more than before update... 

I'm also finding it really slow. Transactions take a few seconds and reports take minutes to process. Airplane mode seems to solve the problem for reports but not transactions. I'm running version 2.5.3 on iPhone SE, iOS 10.2.


Same problem for me after update 2.5.3 using Wifi or cellular 4G

It takes 5 seconds for processing transaction. Iphone 6  Ios 10.1.1, Money Wiz 2.5.3

Same problem here after update to 2.5..3 on iPhone 5 and iPad Air 2. On my MacBook Pro its even worse after the last update to 2.5.3 (build 140). It's annoying slow. I hope there's gonna be an update soon. I really liked MoneyWiz but at the moment it's one of the slowest apps I ever used.

Same problem here using MoneyWiz 2.5.3 on iOS 10.2 on iPhone 6 Plus. Transactions are very slow on insert (5-10 seconds, sometime more) - will have to try switching to Macbook Pro as my iPad is refusing to sync as well. Airplane mode does not help at all.

Running version 2.5.3 (build 140) on iMac working with the application is very slow.  


1. Mark an item (transaction) right click and edit. Or just double-clicking. This takes an average of 5 seconds before edit screen is displayed. This has been instant before.

2. Saving an updated transaction (adding category) takes an average of 17 seconds.

3. Doing bulk changes takes minutes even if only 10 are being selected.

4. Looks like moneywiz icon shows that syncbits is synching regularly every 10 seconds, even when no changes are applied.

Please look into this since these performance issues makes MW unusable at the moment.

Thanks in advance!


Me 2, these problems both happened on my Mac min (2012 late),MBP (2009) and iPhone 6 plus.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your reports. We are currently investigating this problem and working on a fix for the next update.

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Please advise on the launch date for the next update. 

It's difficult to do data entry at this point. iPhone 5 app is crashing. I have to reinstall again every few weeks before it'll crash non-stop. On iPhone 6, it takes more than 5 mins to key in any transaction details.

On Mac Book Pro, it's slightly better but it still lags about 10 secs per transaction. This problem worsen over time. 

Same here. MoneyWiz 2 suddenly spends 2-4 seconds on each transaction once the reconciliation button is clicked or a transaction is saved. Very annoying. 

Any indication that the problem has been identified and resolved ? The software, at the moment, is very slow as transaction inserts and updates take anything up to 60 seconds or more. In this state it is unusable both on Mac OS X and iOS. 

I'd not be surprised if this "bug" was introduced on purpose to make users pay for the upcoming release 3.0, which will magically make the spinning color wheel disappear and introduce more effective handling of transactions. If this bug isn't fixed before 3.0 then don't count on me to upgrade. I stick with moneyGury, which might not have the nice visuals but has never let me down and is lightning fast.


This is absolutely not introduced on purpose to force anyone to upgrade. Our current estimate for MoneyWiz 3 is Q2 of 2017 - if we did something like this (but we never would!), all of our users would have left us long before MoneyWiz 3 would be out.

This is an issue that has appeared in the most recent update, despite our best efforts. Please note that while there is definitely a number of users who experience the problem, the issue does not affect all customers. Our research indicates that a very specific series of operations must be performed in order to make the issue affect a particular customer.

We are working on a fix.

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