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Scheduled payments - a refinement

We all have scheduled payments - pay x money on date y.

The problem is that these only show up on date y.

I used to use Quicken and one of their cool features was to pay x on date y BUT show it in the register a number of days before payment was due. 

So for example you could schedule all your monthly payments but have them show unto 28 days before payment was due. This would mean you know what is going to come out of your account for the next month ahead of time - great for people on tight budgets as they know how much money they have left before the next pay check. 

Yes, it is possible to do a similar thing in MoneyWiz but you have to go into EACH scheduled event, click on Pay, then click on the OK message that says "You are paying ahead of time" - DOH of course I am otherwise I wouldn't have click on Pay! BUT that means if you have 20 transactions each month you have 20 sets of clicks to make - very inefficient to say the least.

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Dear Dave,

We believe that it's easier if you budget your Scheduled bills ahead of time and set up budgets according to them so that you never have to worry about them and Budgets is the only place to look. This way you know that you have enough money to cover all bills and know how much left you have to spend for everyday expenses.

However, we'll keep this request open for upvotes to see how many it gets!

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