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Multiple selection transaction edition

Sometimes, you need to apply a change on a batch of transactions that have already been entered. Editing each transaction one by one is the only possibility to achieve this right now...needless to day this is cumbersome and can be very time consuming. Regretfully, this feature does not exist and I think would not be too complicated to implement (long press a transaction to activate this mode for example), hopefully as part of a minor upgrade to the app (so we don't have to wait centuries to see it happen...remember that users have a limited patience and there are many alternatives out there for a switch...) Is there anything in the pipeline fit this feature? Thanks for considering it devs and please users vote up this post so it doesn't fall into oblivion ;)
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Dear Rafael,

This is already available in MoneyWiz for Desktop. For MoneyWiz for mobile this is planned for MoneyWiz 3 coming later in 2017. It's actually a big feature to implement.

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