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Flexible (or persistent) adjust balance

When I adjust the balance of an account (e.g. to 100€) but then I input an earlier transaction (e.g. yesterday I spend 25€), my new balance changes (new balance is 75€). This is wrong to me, though, as I just told the program what my balance should look like (100 €).

In order to remedy this situations I would either have to track these adjust balance transactions down and adjust them manually, or adjust my balance again. Both of these solutions seem cumbersome to me.

The feature I request is that adjust balance can be used as evidence of the balance at a certain point in time and automatically adapts to make sure that the balance is as indicated after that point in time, regardless of previous transactions.

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Dear Samuel,

This feature request seems slightly controversial as it might get some users very confused why does their balance change all the time. MoneyWiz worked like this since the beginning and I don't recall too many requests regarding this.

Nevertheless we'll keep open this topic for upvotes to see how popular it is!

Thanks for your reply! I understand that it might be confusing, however, maybe a setting or a switch could regulate this behavior. The default behavior could still be the current version. My hope would be that your designers can come up with a clever way to offer this option without cluttering the user interface.

I first thought that I might be alone, however, the last comment on inspired me to open a feature request!

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I have this problem too. I would like to import past transactions, 300 of them from my bank website. But if I were to do this I think it would change my current balance which is exactly the same as my current balance at the bank. 

This is what I want to do....
( Currently, I have around 3 months worths of transaction records imputed. )
- I need to set a "new balance" that matches my balance my bank shows I had 6 months ago.
- Delete the old "new balance" I was using for two months ago. 
- Then add all the transactions that fit between the new "new balance" and the transactions that go back two months to maintain the current present balance which is accurate. 

Nevermind I forgot I could change my opening balance. oops!

Actually, now I have another problem which makes me believe I need to be able to add a new "new balance" again.

I have a huge gap of unrecorded transactions a year long. If I change my opening balance wont that mean it begins with those olddddd transactions? and then to maintain my accurate present balance I need to fill in the year of missing transactions? I only have records a half a year back.

What should I do?

I solved correcting my balance by making a transaction that I labelled "adjusted balance" and made it an amount that, in combination with whatever my previous balance was, equalled the real balance of that specific time. 

This the current fix. 

Dear Pawel,

I support this idea. I don't think it's confusing. On the opposite! For me it's like this: I'm telling the app that my balance is $ XXX at a given point in time (especially with conjunction with the feature to set date/time for an adjustment, but even without it - at this particular moment). Then I remember I had some more expenses before and enter them, and my balance decreases! But I've just told the program what my actual balance is at the moment. So I need to remove this adjustment and create a new one, or enter custom adjustments (normal transactions with a custom icon and type) for which I need to calculate the amount manually (this gives the ability to set date/time for it, but doesn't give them the needed persistance)...

So for me the current functionality is confusing, like you said, - "why does my balance change all the time" ?

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