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Install on new computer

I have subscribed to the premium edition and changed computer because my old one stopped working, however when I enter the licence number it says it is already activated on another computer, so it won't work! I've been emailing support tickets for a couple of days, but have had no response and urgently need to sort this out.

In the past replies have been rapid - is MoneyWiz having difficulties - the last thing I want is to lose my data and start again!

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Dear Tom,

I'm very sorry for our delayed responses following the holiday period. We had reduced support staff at that time but now we work to catch up with all e-mails.

I've checked and I see that my colleague Marina has replied to your e-mail helping you with the licence. If you're still experiencing trouble, please reply to her e-mail - it's better if it's handled over e-mail as working on this case requires sharing confidential information such as your activation code.

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