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Report "Balance Over Time" for the whole budget.

I would like to create a report "Balance Over Time" for the whole budget (for everything what is budgeted). It means 1 report for all budgets treated as 1 main budget. Now we have to choose just one budget. We are not able to choose them all.

Dear Kamil,

Indeed, you can't currently report for all budgets combined. However, if your budgets monitor all categories then as a workaround you could try generating Expense Category Over Time report for all categories instead.

I'll note your feature request, thank you!


 It will not show if budget has been passed out, but just how much we spent.

Alternatively we can set a budget called "all budgets", but budgeted, used and remaining values will be duplicated on page  "Budgets". So if our total budget is $2000 there will be information that we have $4000 budgeted.

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