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MoneyWiz 2.5.7 Android: Reports can't be loaded very often.

 When I want to create a report I set everything (accounts, period, etc) and when I click to generate report it is loading and loading and loading... and it don't want to load. I have to kill application and try to generate report one more time.

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 I've found the way to reproduce it. Open application, generate report, close application by pressing back, back, back. (go back to launcher). If I will start application again it will behave like I described in the first post in that treat.

As a workaround I set a flow in application Automagic to kill completely MoneyWiz always when I leave MoneyWiz.

Hello again Kamil,

Thank you for reporting this. We are investigating this now.



We are having problems reproducing this. Can you please check if it only happens if you first generate Compare budgets report and then Cashflow? Or the other way around? Or it reproduces with other reports too? The details seem to be important here.

 It doesn't matter which report I select.

Open app, go to Reports, generate a report, close the app by pressing back several times. Open app again and try to generate any report. After those steps it is loading and can't load itself.

I have to kill application (or at least press for a while a home button and remove MoneyWiz from a list of resent apps). If I will run MoneyWiz, generate report and close app and go back to home screen (launcher) by pressing a home button then it works fine.


I've contacted you over e-mail for more information.


I have the same issue with reports on my Meizu Pro 5.

Furthermore, recently I have noticed that the first load of the app on the 1 day of every month lasts about 5 minutes. I think that there are some recalculations during which I am able to see only white screen on my phone. It happens only once a month and began to appear few months ago as far as I remember.

My guess is that it is because of the amount of data stored in the app. I am active user of the Moneywiz and I am recording my transactions for more than two years, so there are thousands of transactions stored in a database. It could be a performance issue.

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