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novice question - how to avoid duplication manual entries and online banking records

I am new to using MW premium. Just a general question regarding entering transaction. Should I enter the transaction manually knowing that it will come up in online statement. Is there any automatic matching process to avoid duplicated entries?

What is the recommended workflow ?

thanks in advance

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Dear Andrew,

In general we advise customers not to enter transactions manually if they're using Online Banking. That's because they'll be downloaded automatically anyways so you don't need to do this :)

If you do want to do this either way, MoneyWiz will check for duplicates. It'll consider a duplicate a transaction that a) has exactly the same amount and b) that is within 3 days range (+/-). So it should be able to catch most of the duplicates but nevertheless we think that you don't really need to enter transactions automatically anymore if you're using Online Banking.


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