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Default date used when entering transaction

When entering transactions, it appears that the default date is today's date.  It would be useful if the date used for a new transaction defaulted to the date of the previous transaction.  Perhaps even make this behaviour a user preference.  In addition, since the current date is early in February, when I try to enter a transaction for, say, 31/01/2017, MoneyWiz uses today's February date as a default, and won't allow me to type '30' or '31' (which I need for a January date).  I'm forced to change the month from '02' to '01' first of all, then enter '30' or '31'.  Perhaps perform the date validation after leaving the date field completely?

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I've moved this to Feature requests forum as this is not a bug.

I feel that we could make a lot of customers angry if we changed the default behaviour while we're very careful when adding settings and preferences into the application - we don't want make MoneyWiz's Settings area full of checkboxes and settings and the way an application becomes too complex is exactly by introducing one additional setting at a time.

We'll monitor the number of votes for this request to see if we should be introducing a setting for this. Thank you for your request!


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