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Scheduled Transactions Flexibility

I forecast within the actual checking account how my next few months will look so I can manipulate the month. So, I enter the whole "scheduled month" prior to the actual month. Sometimes I work 3 months into the future. IT TAKES FOREVER. I have to click 3-4 times for 1 transaction. It says "pay", so it should just "pay". I know it's in the future, I know what I am doing, I don't need to click 3 - 4 times to do the original first option I chose, which is "pay". It would be nice to have a "SELECT" feature. This way you could check mark all the scheduled items you want to move to the checking account and you could do it in 1 move. Please consider how much more flexible with would be. The forecast report can't be manipulated so it does me no good. Thanks in advance for your consideration....
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Dear Myrrh,

Thank you for your request! We'll certainly look into this.

The reason for why it's designed like this is that we encourage customers to set up budgets so that the forecasted balance becomes less important as your finances are tightly controlled via budgets.
If you need a quick forecast, you can always go to Scheduled transactions section then click/tap and hold on a future date in the calendar to see balances for that day without having to pay the Scheduled transaction in advance.

Also remember that most reports can be generated in Forecast mode including Scheduled transactions. Those reports can be then saved locally to allow re-generating them with a click from the Saved Reports section.


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