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Bulk refunds to half amount

I have 100 or so transaction all of which I need to refund with half of the amount to a fixed other account. What's the best why to do this? My idea is: * Export the 100 transactions as CSV * Bulk modify the CSV in Excel to resemble refunds for the halfed amount (How do refunds look like in CSVs?) * Import the modified CSV into Moneywiz Can this work? Has anybody done something like this?


We'd definitely love to improve in those areas as well but we have limited resources in terms of team size so we need to focus our attention to a couple of issues at a time. I'll note your feature request on extending MoneyWiz capabilities in terms of the areas you've mentioned.

Thanks a lot for your reply, Pawel. - It saved me the time to try to (unsuccessfully) figure out how refunds get imported...

However a big shame that refunds cannot be imported. In general, doing things beyond the apps is rather limited in MoneyWiz: It is a great multi-platform app environment, but I see significant deficiencies in the area of Openness (no Scripting, no plug-in system)...

Dear Leo,

I'm afraid this is not currently possible. Refunds in MoneyWiz have to be created using the app - they cannot be imported at this time.

MoneyWiz now offers offsetting a category (creating an expense transaction with a minus amount which basically means a positive expense) but those cannot be imported either as MoneyWiz recognises the transaction type by the transaction sign.

The only way I can think of that would improve this process a bit is to create offset transactions instead of individual refunds. This way, if for example you have 25 transactions in total out of those 100 that are for the same category, you could create one offset expense for that category (with the amount that is a total of all the refunds you've received for that category). Remember to enter minus sign before the amount when entering this expense so it can become an offset.

The downside of this approach is that this offset transaction is not linked to any particular transaction but to an expense category in general. However, it could save you some time!
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