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Windows Font

The Windows App has a clear crisp font that is easier to see and use. Can we please have the choice of this on the Mac version which is not as crisp.

Dear Pete,

Can you please tell us more about your Mac and screen? Which model is it and is it a Retina screen? We'd love to check whether this is a bug or not as the font should also be easy to read on Macs.

Yes its only   4 year old iMac computer 2013 late  2.9 GZ Processor

 NVIDIA Geforce graphics GT 750M 1024 MB

Screenshot of Windows Money wiz 

 And now the  mac version 

You can see the font and entries on the Windows version are sharper and bolder whereas the Imac version is of course ok but not so clear


I have two screenshots for you first the Windows version

Then the Mac version 

The two are very different. The Windows font is crisp bold xlear and slick. The Mac version is not so clear harder to see clearly and not so professional looking. 



Thank you for sharing those! I'll discuss this with our team and we'll see if we can change something about this but a change like this is not likely to come in MoneyWiz 2 but perhaps MoneyWiz 3 later this year (font change is a big thing as it needs to support all languages we support in MoneyWiz).

I've removed the screenshots from your posts as this discussion is public while you've shared some personal information this way (not sure if this was intended).

Thanks Pawel I appreciate the complexity of fonts etc. Thanks for removing the sensitive information 

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