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Any recent CapitalOne online banking problems?

Quicken users have been dealing with connectivity errors to Capital One credit card accounts for about 2 months now. Supposedly it's due to a security change in Capital One's online banking connection that Quicken can't / won't fix. Before I make the switch to MoneyWiz, has there been any users of MoneyWiz having problems connecting to Capital One (Venture or Quicksilver) cards in the last month that would imply this is a problem broader than Quicken? I can access Capital One through my Personal Capital aggregation account so I suspect this is just a Quicken problem.

I'm having the same combination of issues with my Capital One Venture card account. Works for a couple of years with Personal Capital but can't connect from Mint or sadly from MoneyWiz. I haven't yet started to engage MW Support because of more pressing syncbits issues, but am hopeful. It's a deal breaker for me as Cap One Visa is my daily use account.


MoneyWiz uses two Online Banking integration providers: Yodlee and Salt Edge. Any financial-management app that uses one of those to provide their Online Banking service is likely to suffer an outage for a particular bank in case that particular bank feed goes down temporarily (this however usually lasts a week maximum).

MoneyWiz has the advantage of supporting two providers: if one has a problem with particular bank feed, the other might be still working so you can choose which one to use.

However, we can't say if this bank feed is working correctly at the moment or not as we have no access to this data - only what customers report to us. And I don't see any cases regarding Capital One in my queue of tickets.

@Jeff: I'd recommend you try to connect and if it fails, please shoot us an e-mail at - I'm sure we can figure it out. If it doesn't work at all and we can't help, purchases made from our website are covered with 90 days full money-back guarantee. If you purchase your subscription from the app downloaded from Apple/Google App Store, with yearly subscription you get 1 month trial (you're charged only at the end of your trial).

@Philip: we should be able to fix the SYNCbits login problem for you. If you still experience issues with your Online Banking login, let us know!

I can successfully connect to Capital One through Personal Capital which I believe uses one of those aggregators (?) so that seems like a good sign. Does anyone know if Quicken uses an aggregator also or if they have their own proprietary systems? I have no concerns about moving to MoneyWiz. Pawel,you responded to this post within a day and provided a meaningful response. Quicken support hasn't responded to any discussions in their community about this issue in 5 weeks.


Always happy to help :) Please note that our replies on forums might be slightly delayed actually as we first reply to e-mail requests so if your issue is urgent, please consider e-mailing us at

I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure what kind of aggregator Quicken uses but I believe it's something they've developed in-house. Couldn't find information about this on their website.

My Syncbits issue was resolved (was using spaces in my password, which apparently resolve differently between PC and IOS). 

Still not connecting to my Capital One Venture Card. Addressing via Ticket here and with SaltEdge directly. I'll post on this thread when we're successful.

Lots of initial glitches, but very impressed with both online documentation and responsive support!

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