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MoneyWiz acquires Squirrel

In February 2017 MoneyWiz has acquired Squirrel for Mac.

If you are a Squirrel user, you may find the below information useful.


We'll soon stop supporting, updating and selling Squirrel so we advise all Squirrel users to migrate to MoneyWiz as soon as possible.


We've released an update (version 1.0) of Squirrel that includes SYNCbits integration. Once you start Squirrel you will notice the "Migrate to MoneyWiz" button, as shown here:


Just click that button and follow the steps to create a SYNCbits account. SYNCbits is a cloud sync platform that MoneyWiz uses to synchronize between all devices where you have MoneyWiz installed.

Once you create your SYNCbits account, all your accounts, transactions, categories, tags and scheduled transactions will be uploaded and migrated to MoneyWiz format. 

Please beware of some limitations of the migration:

  • Budgets won't be migrated due to the nature of how budgets work in Squirrel vs how they work in MoneyWiz
  • Scheduled transactions that are not with static amount will be migrated with amount 0
  • Refunds will be migrated as incomes, you can convert them to refunds in MoneyWiz if you need to


MoneyWiz offers over 400 features and is available as a native app for all major platforms - Mac, iOS, Windows PC and Android. On top of it all, MoneyWiz can optionally (if you want to) connect to your bank and download & categories transactions automatically. You can explore more about the MoneyWiz features here:


MoneyWiz is subscription based. One subscription allows you to download and use MoneyWiz on all of your devices and enables all features. Also all updates, including major updates are free.

The subscription costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year (USD)

All Squirrel users will get the first month completely free, no need to enter credit card details. Just sign up for a SYNCbits account from Squirrel and once you log into it in MoneyWiz, it will recognize that you're coming from Squirrel and will give you 1 month free. Once that trial period is over you can subscribe via MoneyWiz for Mac with 20% discount from the above prices. To take use of that discount you must either subscribe to MoneyWiz via the link provided in Squirrel or after you've created a SYNCbits account in Squirrel and you logged into it via MoneyWiz for Mac (downloaded from our website).


Please, use these download links:

MoneyWiz for Mac

MoneyWiz for iOS

MoneyWiz for Windows PC

MoneyWiz for Android

It is essential that you log into your SYNCbits account, so that MoneyWiz will unlock itself. Also once you are ready to subscribe, please do so via MoneyWiz for Mac so that you take advantage of the 20% discount.


Please either post here in this forum (as a reply to this topic) or e-mail our support team at

i don't see the migrate button , is it normal ?

Hi Vincent,

Please verify that you have the latest version of Squirrel (released yesterday). It's version 1.0 build 2017. 

Then make sure you have at least 2 accounts (if you have just one, just create one empty account) and restart Squirrel. The Migrate button must appear in the top of the app window. If not, please let me know.


I just migrated from squirrel over the week end - How can we get the standard app that does not require the monthly subscription so that we can keep on working on Mac/Ios the same way we did with Squirrel?

It seems that with the version I now have, at the end of the trial period I will have to subscribe though I do not need the online banking and free upgrades mechanisms.

I just need the mac and Ios app to work the same way I did with Squirrel



Hi Laurent,

If you prefer not to subscribe you can use the single purchase version of MoneyWiz for Mac. Here is the proper link to purchase it:

And here is the link for iOS:


So if I get this straight (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

MoneyWiz Acquired Squirrel, a software I purchased both on Mac and IOS for my personal accounting.

You unsupport that software and bring it to end of life.

You then Hire the original system team to work on giving an opportunity to old customers to get on the new system

But yet ask these customers (me) to pay once more for the standard use of the new platform, in order to keep a window of migration of 10years of data into a supported system?

You are not even considering a free migration to an "as is" us of the old platform on the new one? I have to repay for everything at full price no matter what?

That really does not seem right to me - Considering I also was one of the very first owners of Squirrel when it was released almost 10 years ago.

Hi Laurent,

When you purchase software, there is no guarantee how long this software will be supported in the future. Even for hardware, the guarantee is usually limited to 1 year. Just like hardware, software needs a lot of work to keep it running on the latest operating systems.

You can still use Squirrel as long as you want, you are not obligated to migrate to MoneyWiz in any way. And we do offer 20% discount for migrating to MoneyWiz.


I must say I agree with Laurent. Using Squirrel since 2009, the migration path does not seem that great. Especially since the 20% discount is available to anyone buying MoneyWiz, as advertised on your site.
Having said that I know on Software business model works and I am not surprised by the subscription move and the pushed migration of Squirrel install base. We are just out of luck.
Can you at least confirm that the current Squirrel version will stay as is, even if not supported in the future? I did buy a perpetual license and should be able to use regardless. I was a bit surprised to see the migration button in the new version. I guess I will have to check the auto-update feature.

Thank you




Thanks for your reply.

I work in the Software industry, thus the reason I am quite disappointed.

In my own customer portfolio I can find  early adopters that were there at the beginning and helped the company grow.

Those took a risk that is today rewarded by an unlimited license and upgrade.

This is not the case for new customers (license terms are now 7 to 10y).

I could contemplate repurchasing a mac & ios combo but with a greater discount as a old (Squirrel) customer. Mainly because the cloud sync never really worked on Squirrel and it seems to work fine on MoneyWiz...



Hi guys,

Thank you for the feedback. Since this is our first acquisition of many to come, I must admit we were not sure about many things. Our main desire is to convert customers to MoneyWiz and have these customers, such as you, be happy and enjoy the added functionality in MoneyWiz.

I see based on your feedback that you feel left out as the discount doesn't seem sufficient, and in that regard I wanted to ask, so I can run it by my team, what discount do you feel is fair?

Thank you!


Thanks for your feedback.

Here are my 2 cents from a "Squirrel Migrant".

I have worked on MoneyWiz 2 (well premium but this is the same I believe) over the past few days with my Squirrel data migrated.

I am fully up and running on the new app and would be happy to move and drop Squirrel, as I do not feel lost at all.

I found back all the functionalities and logic from Squirrel + a couple of interesting new features.

Moreover I finally have a working Sync between IOS / MAC.

Squirrel users come from Apple Mac & IOS - so would hence be interested in the IOS & Mac bundle.

If I am not mistaken the full price for the package would be somewhere around 29.99€.

A fair proposal for "Squirrel Migrants" would be somewhere around half price, so 14.99€ for the package.

This would fund your dev effort and compensate our original investment.

I have yet one remark: I see in a lot of places on your blog/support pages that MoneyWiz 3 is coming out very soon.

Q1 / Q2 2017 is mentioned, this means tomorrow.

It would not be fair and ultimately quite frustrating to provide us ("Squirrel Migrants") with a one time discount for a version about to be replaced in the coming weeks (as it is already 18/24 months old).

Our purchase should also include the possibility to upgrade to MoneyWiz 3 if it is released in a couple of weeks/months from now.

Thanks for reading me so far :)


Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. Let me discuss with my team and get back about this.

Also it is to be noted that we can't provide custom discounts for iOS or iOS/Mac bundle, because iOS's billing goes through Apple and we have 0 control there. Mac billing has option to go through our web store, where we can issue discounts...

As for MoneyWiz 3 - sorry this roadmap is a little outdated, we're working on a new website which we'll release by the end of the month. So MoneyWiz 3 won't come in at least another 4-5 months if not a little more. Earliest I see it is end of Q2/17. That's why I think subscription is better because it gives you MoneyWiz 3 at no added cost (+ unlocks all functionality across all platforms) while we can't afford to do this with one time purchases if we want to stay in business.

Hi guys,

We can offer you 35% off from MoneyWiz for Mac (single purchase) via this link:

After your additional promo offer, I made my purchase tonight. Honestly, worse mistake I've ever made. I've emailed your support for a refund. 

Squirrel provided me with the perfect way to see a running balance, and in the reconciliation section, a reconciliation balance, but your product does not. And to be honest, the whole date system for reconciliation is stupid and counterproductive for me. I don't wait for month statements to balance my accounts, do you know how many hundreds of transactions that would be? I do this several times a week by looking at my transaction history. I can't possibly choose dates in this situation, and your forcing me to.

I need to see a running balance for my accounts, and then a reconciled balance. I often set money aside in accounts for various things, and set them up as future transactions. Your product has no way to function with those. I can't leave a transaction unreconciled, to see a balance difference.

To anyone else considering this. Don't do it.

Hi bluewhite4,

If the amount of time you spent on writing this, you spent exploring MoneyWiz, you might have discovered that most of what you say is incorrect.

So, let me get to it... since most of your feedback revolves around balances & reconciliation, please consider clicking the 3 buttons near the search bar on Mac...

Button 1 (far left) - reconcile mode

Button 2 & 3 are a group - Button 2 is the default list view of transactions, Button 3 is spreadsheet view.

In spreadsheet view you can reconcile single transactions easily (just like in Squirrel), you also see the running balance.

If you want to see the running balance in list view (Button 2) then go to Settings / General and enable running balance from there.

Anyways, if you change your mind about the refund let our support know before they issue it. If not, they will issue it in a few hours when they get to your email.

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