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MoneyWiz acquires Squirrel

In February 2017 MoneyWiz has acquired Squirrel for Mac.

If you are a Squirrel user, you may find the below information useful.


We'll soon stop supporting, updating and selling Squirrel so we advise all Squirrel users to migrate to MoneyWiz as soon as possible.


We've released an update (version 1.0) of Squirrel that includes SYNCbits integration. Once you start Squirrel you will notice the "Migrate to MoneyWiz" button, as shown here:


Just click that button and follow the steps to create a SYNCbits account. SYNCbits is a cloud sync platform that MoneyWiz uses to synchronize between all devices where you have MoneyWiz installed.

Once you create your SYNCbits account, all your accounts, transactions, categories, tags and scheduled transactions will be uploaded and migrated to MoneyWiz format. 

Please beware of some limitations of the migration:

  • Budgets won't be migrated due to the nature of how budgets work in Squirrel vs how they work in MoneyWiz
  • Scheduled transactions that are not with static amount will be migrated with amount 0
  • Refunds will be migrated as incomes, you can convert them to refunds in MoneyWiz if you need to


MoneyWiz offers over 400 features and is available as a native app for all major platforms - Mac, iOS, Windows PC and Android. On top of it all, MoneyWiz can optionally (if you want to) connect to your bank and download & categories transactions automatically. You can explore more about the MoneyWiz features here:


MoneyWiz is subscription based. One subscription allows you to download and use MoneyWiz on all of your devices and enables all features. Also all updates, including major updates are free.

The subscription costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year (USD)

All Squirrel users will get the first month completely free, no need to enter credit card details. Just sign up for a SYNCbits account from Squirrel and once you log into it in MoneyWiz, it will recognize that you're coming from Squirrel and will give you 1 month free. Once that trial period is over you can subscribe via MoneyWiz for Mac with 20% discount from the above prices. To take use of that discount you must either subscribe to MoneyWiz via the link provided in Squirrel or after you've created a SYNCbits account in Squirrel and you logged into it via MoneyWiz for Mac (downloaded from our website).


Please, use these download links:

MoneyWiz for Mac

MoneyWiz for iOS

MoneyWiz for Windows PC

MoneyWiz for Android

It is essential that you log into your SYNCbits account, so that MoneyWiz will unlock itself. Also once you are ready to subscribe, please do so via MoneyWiz for Mac so that you take advantage of the 20% discount.


Please either post here in this forum (as a reply to this topic) or e-mail our support team at


Thanks for your proposal and efforts.

I worked the same way as BlueWhite4 as regards reconciliations and projections in Squirrel, but managed easily to replicate the functionality in MoneyWiz (Through expense/revenue "suspension" or reconnciliation mode...)

I have nevertheless not yet been able to replicate the Squirrel report that provides 2 pies with expenses and revenues that are "merged".

Categories that have both expenses and revenues in the report period are netted and only the result remains in Revenue or Expenses.

In MoneyWiz you can generate a Revenue report, an Expense report but not both at the same time with the" netting" function.

Am I missing something or should it be part of "Features requests"?



Wow Iliya, what a condescending and passive aggressive answer. Definitely cements the idea that I want nothing to do with your product.

Just FYI, I spent an hour trying to work with your reconciliation mode. More than enough time to try to understand what should be a basic function. And an incredibly poorly documented one as well. It does exactly what I said it does. It forces me to put a date range at the top. That doesn't work for me. I need to see all transactions that have not been reconciled.


In MoneyWiz expense & income categories are two different sets of categories (unlike Squirrel where it's 1 set). For that reason, migrating from Squirrel creates the same set of categories for expenses and for incomes, although that's not the intended use of MoneyWiz. I understand how such a report might seem relevant coming from Squirrel but unfortunately it's not available simply because the categories are not supposed to be the same in the first place.

Now, that doesn't mean though, that you can't extract this data...

The way netting works in MoneyWiz is that it assumes that when you make a refund or receive a reimbursement (the scenarios in which you really do get an income on an expense category), MoneyWiz will net this in the expense categories report. So let me give 2 examples that will result in such netting:

Example 1:

1. Let's say you drive personal car for work and your employer reimburses you $100 per month for gas

2. You create expense transaction in the same category (Gas), with the amount of the reimbursement, but with minus sign 

3. The result is that if you run a report by the Gas category you will get the netted amount (for example if you spent $150 on gas, you will see expense of $50 because you were reimbursed $100)

Example 2:

1. You buy Groceries for $50

2. You return one item (or all) and get refund for say $10. To do that in MoneyWiz, select the original expense you've made, and then the Options button -> Refund

3. Once you enter the refund, future reports for Groceries will net that amount... so if you run a report, these 2 transactions (expense $50, refund $10, both in the Groceries category) will result in $40 total value.

I hope that makes sense.

Hello Iliya,

It perfectly does - I will update my database accordingly

Many thanks for your help.


Can you please remove the banner from the top of Squirrel.

I don't plan on migrating. I bought the software almost 6 years ago. I don't care that it is no longer supported, it was barely supported as it was.

But now everyone that paid money for their app is stuck with a migration message, leaving us with a defaced piece of software.

Hey Nate,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll figure out how to make it properly so that we still ask people to migrate but do it less intrusively perhaps.

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