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iOS Balance with Pending Transactions

I have an issue with iOS for my tablet and my phone. Because of the way that I keep my budget I need to see the running balance of each account including the pending transactions. When this is select on my IOS devices the balances for each account are incorrect. I started looking through the entries and found that on my IOS devices there are numerous uncleared/pending entries further back in the history. If I select to see only cleared transactions the current balance is correct. It's only when I select to include pending transactions that the balances are off. On my Mac I cannot find any of the pending transactions that are showing up on my IOS devices, and the balances are correct with pending transactions included in the balance. I confirmed that the filters on my Mac are set to show all for everything. Is there something I'm missing or is this an issue with the software?

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Dear Jarred,

I'll convert this forum topic to an e-mail ticket so that we can fix this.

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